§ 15.204.010  REMOVAL PERMIT.
   A.   Required.  No person shall move any building through or from the city without first having obtained a removal permit therefor.
('61 Code, § 7.36)
   B.   Application.  Every person desiring to move a building from the city shall file an application for a removal permit on a form provided by the Building Official for such purpose. Each application for a removal permit shall contain the following:
      1.   The street address and the legal description of the property from which the building is to be removed and to which it is to be moved.
      2.   The name, address and phone number of the owner of the building to be moved.
      3.   The name, address and phone number of the contractor who will move the building and his or her state contractor's license number.
      4.   The name, address and telephone number of the person in charge, if he or she is not the owner, who will be responsible for all moving operations under the permit being applied for, including final clearance of the site.
      5.   The route proposed to be used for the moving of such building and the date and hour of the proposed moving and such other information as may be required by the Building Official.
      6.   The maximum height above street level that any portion of the building will be while being moved.
      7.   Each such application shall be signed by the applicant or his or her authorized agent. If signed by an agent, the agent may be required to submit evidence of his or her authority to so sign the application.
('61 Code, § 7.37)
   C.   Filing of fees and documents.
      1.   Before issuance of a permit for the removal of a building from the city, the applicant shall deposit within the city the sums and documents prescribed in the following paragraphs.
         a.   Insurance endorsement.  An endorsement of insurance coverage in the amounts specified in § 15.204.020, issued by a corporation authorized to do insurance business within the state, which endorsement shall provide that the insurance thereby represented will not be cancelled, reduced or allowed to expire unless written notice be sent to the city at least ten (10) days in advance of any such cancellation, reduction or expiration. All such insurance endorsement shall be submitted to the City Attorney for  approval before acceptance by the city.
         b.   Cash bond.  A cash bond in the amount specified by City Council resolution.
         c.   Permit fee.  A house moving permit fee in an amount set by Council resolution.
         d.   Route inspection fee.  A route inspection fee as set by Council resolution.
         e.   Other fees.  All fees required by any applicable ordinance of the city.
      2.   The provisions of this section shall not apply to the state, any political subdivision thereof or to any governmental agency when moving a building by its own personnel.
('61 Code, § 7.38)
   D.   Posting on building being moved.  The permit issued pursuant to this article shall be posted on the front of the building being moved.
('61 Code, § 7.39)
(Ord. 372, passed  - - )