A.   Prior to submitting an application for processing, the applicant shall verify that the installation of an electric vehicle charging station will not have any specific, adverse impact on health and safety of the public, including building occupants. Information required to be provided by the applicant for verification includes: electrical system capacity and loads; electrical system wiring, bonding and overcurrent protection; building infrastructure affected by charging station equipment and associated conduits; areas of charging station equipment and vehicle parking; any additional information required by the building official to complete such verification due to unusual or unique circumstances.
   B.   A permit application that satisfies the information requirements in the city’s adopted checklist shall be deemed complete and shall be promptly processed. Upon confirmation by the Building Official that the permit application and supporting documents meet the requirements of the city’s adopted checklist, and are consistent with all applicable laws and health and safety standards, including the requirements of Cal. Gov’t Code § 65850.7(f), the Building Official shall approve the application and issue all necessary permits. Such approval does not authorize an applicant to energize or utilize the electric vehicle charging station until approval is granted by the city. If the Building Official determines that the permit application is incomplete, he or she shall issue a written correction notice to the applicant, detailing all deficiencies in the application and any additional information required to be eligible for expedited permit issuance.
   C.   The Building Official shall allow for electronic submittal of permit applications and any additional application documentation required by this chapter. In accepting such permit applications, the Building Official shall also accept electronic signatures on all forms, applications, and other documentation in lieu of a wet signature by an applicant.
(Ord. 1194, passed 10-3-17)