§ 13.20.140  MISCELLANEOUS.
   A.   The city may limit or withhold the issuance of building permits which require new or expanded water service, except to protect the public health, safety and welfare, or in cases which meet the city's adopted conservation offset requirements.
   B.   The city may, by written request, require all commercial, residential and industrial customers using twenty-five thousand (25,000) or more billing units per year to submit a water conservation plan and to submit quarterly progress reports on such plan. The conservation plan must include recommendations for increased water savings and separation of uses including increased water recycling based on feasibility, and the reports must include progress to date on implementation of such recommendations.
   C.   The city may establish a water waste hotline for residents to report violations of this chapter.
   D.   An allocation of water supply under a water supply emergency condition, beyond WSCP defined actions, may be implemented when water supply conditions dictate necessity.
   E.   The city may provide water efficiency devices either directly or through supported programs.  Such devices shall remain within the city's service area at all times. Devices provided by the city shall be used to conserve water, and shall not be modified in any way or sold.
(Ord. 1123, passed 6-18-09; Am. Ord. 1221, passed 6-1-21)