A.   The response actions that align with each water shortage level are defined in the city's WSCP and include all of the following:
      1.   Locally appropriate supply augmentation actions;
      2.   Locally appropriate demand reduction actions to adequately respond to shortages;
      3.   Locally appropriate operational changes;
      4.   Mandatory prohibitions against specific water use practices that are in addition to state-mandated prohibitions and are appropriate to the local conditions;
      5.   For each action, an estimate of the extent to which the gap between supplies and demand will be reduced by implementation of the action.
   B.   Each elevated shortage level will include the elements of the previous shortage level(s), including the mandatory restrictions on water waste detailed in the WSCP, and each elevated shortage level is intended to be more restrictive than the previous level(s).
   C.   As deemed necessary, an allocation of water supply under a water supply emergency condition beyond WSCP defined actions may be implemented when water supply conditions dictate necessity.
   D.   No person shall violate any provisions of the city's WSCP applicable to a particular water shortage level during a period in which conditions of such water shortage level have been declared to exist.
(Ord. 1221, passed 6-1-21)