§ 13.20.020  PURPOSE.
   A.   This chapter establishes water management requirements necessary to conserve water, enable effective water supply planning, assure reasonable and beneficial use of water, prevent waste of water, prevent unreasonable use of water, and prevent unreasonable method of use of water within the city in order to assure adequate supplies of water to meet the needs of the public and further the public health, safety, and welfare, recognizing that water is a scarce natural resource that requires careful management not only in times of drought, but at all times.
   B.   This chapter establishes restrictions to be implemented during times of declared water shortages or declared water shortage emergencies.
   C.   This chapter defines six levels of water shortage, most often triggered due to drought conditions, to provide defined response actions to be implemented during times of declared water shortage or declared water shortage emergency, with increasing restrictions on water use in response to worsening drought or emergency conditions and decreasing supplies.
   D.   Priority shall be given to response protocols in an adopted Hazard Mitigation Plan in the event of natural and human-caused disasters.
   E.   This chapter is intended solely to further the conservation of water. It is not intended to implement any provision of federal, state, or local law relating to protection of water quality or control of drainage or runoff.
(Ord. 1123, passed 6-18-09; Am. Ord. 1221, passed 6-1-21)