§ 13.16.080  BOARD OF APPEALS.
   The City Council shall act as a Board of Appeals in making a final determination of any appeal filed in accordance with this chapter. The City Clerk shall schedule a hearing on the appeal at reasonable times at the convenience of the Board of Appeals, but not later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the written appeal. The applicant or water customer may appear in person before the Board or be represented by an attorney and may introduce evidence to support his or her claim. The Director shall transmit to the Board all records, papers, documents and other materials in support of his or her decision and shall provide a copy thereof to the person appealing the decision of the Director. The person appealing the decision of the Director shall cause, at his or her own expense, any tests or research required by the Board to substantiate his or her claim to be performed or otherwise carried out. The Board may continue such appeal hearing from time to time as deemed necessary by the Board. The Board may, by resolution, affirm, reverse, or modify, in whole or in part, any appealed decision, determination or interpretation of the Director. A copy of the resolution adopted by the Board shall be mailed to the appellant and the Board's decision shall be final upon the mailing, by United States mail, postage prepaid, to the appellant's last known address of record and the decision of the Board shall be final upon the mailing of such resolution.
('61 Code, § 24B.17)  (Ord. 835, passed - - )