§ 13.16.060  RIGHT OF ENTRY.
   A.   The Director shall have the authority to enter any building or premises for the purpose of investigating the existence of suspected or reported damage, defects, disconnection or tampering with an approved backflow prevention device, or to determine whether or not such a device is required on the premises, in order to protect the public water supply and the public health, safety and welfare of the community. In addition, the Director is authorized to enter any building or premises in order to inspect any backflow prevention device for purposes of issuing an operating permit.
   B.   Except in emergency situations, the Director shall not enter any building or premises without the consent of the owner or occupant thereof, unless he or she possesses a search warrant authorizing entry and search of the premises. No person shall hinder or prevent the Director while in the performance of the duties herein described as emergency situations or while in possession of a search warrant, from entering upon and into any and all premises under his or her jurisdiction, at all reasonable hours, for the purpose of inspecting the same to determine whether or not the provisions of this chapter and all other applicable laws or ordinances pertaining to the protection of persons or property are observed therein.
('61 Code, § 24B.15)  (Ord. 835, passed - - )