A.   Required.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership or corporation which is a water customer of the city and whose premises requires the installation and maintenance of a backflow prevention device to obtain water from the city without first obtaining an operating permit issued by the Director and approval the backflow prevention device(s) installed, or to be installed, at the premises and otherwise complying with any and all terms and provisions of this chapter.
('61 Code, § 24B.7)
   B.   Application.  Every person, firm, partnership or corporation required to obtain an operating permit hereunder shall make application to the Director for issuance of such operating permit prior to commencement of any activities requiring the installation of a backflow prevention device. Such application shall be in the form prescribed by the Director and shall include therein the following information:
      1.   Location of premises.
      2.   Numbered and location of service connections.
      3.   Name, model and type of device proposed to be installed and the location thereof.
      4.   Type of use requiring installation of backflow prevention device; i.e., process water, contaminated water, plating operation, and the like.
      5.   Plans and specifications as necessary to show the method of operation of the customer's premises.
      6.   Such other and further information as the Director may require.
      7.   The application shall be executed by the owner, or authorized representative thereof, under penalty of perjury as to the truth of the facts contained therein.
('61 Code, § 24B.8)
   C.   Renewal.  Any water customer upon whose premises exists a previously approved backflow prevention device shall provide the Director the information required under paragraph A. above, certifying, under penalty of perjury, that the conditions under which the operating permit was initially issued have not changed or, if changed, the changed conditions existing at the premises.
('61 Code, § 24B.9)
   D.   Inspection.  Upon approval by the Director of the type of backflow prevention device to be installed, and the location thereof, the customer shall obtain any and all building, plumbing, mechanical or other permits required by the city code and cause the same to be installed in accordance therewith. Upon installation, and prior to operation of the facility, the backflow prevention device shall be inspected and subjected to such testing as the Director may require to ensure proper operation thereof. Upon successful completion of such inspection and testing, the Director shall issue the operating permit.
('61 Code, § 24B.10)
   E.   Annual inspection.  Every person, firm, partnership or corporation required to install and maintain a backflow prevention device pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall have such device tested and inspected by the Director, at least annually. Failure to allow such inspection and testing, or failure of the device to pass any such test or inspection in accordance with the standards imposed hereby, shall be grounds for cessation of water service to the premises. Except where the Director determines that the public health and safety mandate the immediate disconnection of the premises from the city water supply, the Director shall provide to the water customer a reasonable time, not to exceed ten (10) days, to repair or replace the defective device and cause the same to be tested and inspected, or to permit entry to the premises for inspection and testing.
('61 Code, § 24B.11)
   F.   Additional inspections.  In the event the Director determines, or has reasonable cause to believe, that a backflow prevention device has been disconnected or tampered with, or the device has failed to operate properly, the Director may require an inspection and testing thereof. In addition, the Director may establish a testing and/or inspection program to monitor such devices on a basis consistent with any apparent threat to the public health, safety or welfare.
('61 Code, § 24B.12)
   G.   Existing devices.  All presently installed backflow prevention assemblies which do not meet the requirements of this chapter but were approved devices for the purposes described herein at the time of installation and which have been properly maintained, shall, except for the inspection and maintenance requirements imposed hereby, be excluded from the requirements of these rules so long as the Director is assured that they will satisfactorily protect the utility system. Whenever the existing device is moved from the present location or requires more than minimum maintenance or when the Director finds that the maintenance thereof constitutes a hazard to health, the unit shall be replaced by an approved backflow prevention assembly meeting the requirements of this chapter.
('61 Code, § 24B.13)
   H.   Fees.  In addition to any other fees or charges levied or imposed by the city code for building, plumbing, mechanical or other permits for installation, any person, firm, partnership or corporation required to install and maintain a backflow prevention device shall pay the fee established by resolution of the City Council for the operating permit and inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices required by this chapter.
('61 Code, § 24B.14) (Ord. 835, passed - - )