§ 13.12.090  STANDARDS.
   Standards for the construction, reconstruction, destruction or abandonment of wells shall be the standards recommended in the State Department of Water Resources Bulletin No. 74, Chapter II and Appendices E, F and G, and future amendments thereto. Until such time as standards for cathodic protection wells and electrical grounding wells are recommended by the State Department of Water Resources, such wells shall conform to the “Tentative Deep Anode Standards,” Sheets A-497-S-1 and A-497-S-2 revised December 10, 1969, of the Southern California Cathodic Protection Committee. Well standards may be modified by the City Engineer, with the  concurrence of the City Council, where required to cope with local geological and ground water conditions.
('61 Code, § 24A.11)  (Ord. 506, passed - - )