§ 12.24.140  RESTORATION.
   A.   In the event an owner removes any news-rack, or has a newsrack removed by the Director following hearing and/or appeal, if any, it shall be such owner's responsibility to restore the site of the newsrack to an undamaged condition. Undamaged condition shall mean a condition which is smooth, free of holes, fasteners, and physical devices of any nature, such that another newsrack may be located on that specific site without further restoration.
   B.   In the event such newsrack permittee fails to restore the site as required herein, the city shall be authorized, at its discretion, to restore the site following the expiration of five (5) working days' prior written notice to the owner stating his or her obligation to perform restoration. The cost of such restoration performed by the city shall be recoverable from the permittee as a debt in a contract action.
('61 Code, § 20A.15)  (Ord. 944, passed - - )