§ 12.24.010  INTENT AND PURPOSE.
   A.   The City Council of the city hereby finds that newsracks, stands, containers and similar newspaper and vending devices have proliferated and increased in areas of the city to the extent that in some instances they constitute a threat to the public health, safety and welfare by impeding pedestrian traffic and interfering with ingress and egress to and from buildings, vehicles and public modes of transportation.
   B.   The purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare through the regulation of placement, appearance, number, size, and servicing of newsracks on public rights-of-way so as to:
      1.   Provide for pedestrian and driving safety and convenience.
      2.   Insure no unreasonable interference with the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic including ingress into, or egress from, any residence or place of business, or from the street to the sidewalk, by persons exiting or entering parked or standing vehicles.
      3.   Provide reasonable access for the use and maintenance of sidewalks, poles, posts, traffic signs or signals, hydrants, mailboxes, and access to locations used for public transportation services.
      4.   Reduce visual blight on the public rights-of-way, and protect the aesthetics of store window displays, public landscaping and other improvements.
      5.   Maintain and protect the value of surrounding properties.
      6.   Reduce exposure to the city to personal injury or property damage claims and litigation.
      7.   Protect the right to distribute information protected by the state and federal constitutions through the use of newsracks.
      8.   Avoid interference with the emergency activities of public safety agencies.
   C.   It is not the intent of this chapter to in any way discriminate against, regulate or interfere with the publication, circulation, distribution, or dissemination of any newspapers or other written materials.
('61 Code, § 20A.1)  (Ord. 944, passed - - )