(A)   Notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter, any developer or owner of a multi-unit building complex in any commercial or industrial zone within the city meeting the requirements of this section may request exemption from the provisions of this chapter, provided a written application therefor is filed with the Superintendent of Streets. In the case of a building complex not yet constructed, such application shall be filed no less than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the issuance of the first certificate of occupancy for any unit or suite of said complex. 
   (B)   Such application shall identify all affected parcels by assessor's numbers and shall be accompanied by a site plan or other graphic document satisfactory to the Superintendent depicting all units in the complex. All units shall be subject to the alternative addressing scheme. The application shall also include an explanation by the applicant as to why the exemption is being requested. At the time of filing, the applicant shall pay a non-refundable administrative fee in such amount as may be established by resolution of the City Council which shall not exceed the city's actual costs incurred in processing the application.
   (C)   Approval criteria.  No alternative addressing scheme application shall be approved unless it complies with the following standards and criteria: 
      (1)   The project or development for which the addressing scheme is being requested is at least ten acres in area; 
      (2)   The proposed addressing scheme will apply to all buildings within the project or development;
      (3)   The parcel(s) for which the addressing scheme is applied fronts a street which has no standard city addressing which would otherwise affect addressing of such parcel(s);
      (4)   The proposed addressing scheme provides for odd numbers on the west or north side of a street, and even numbers on the east or south side of a street, as applicable;
      (5)   The proposed address numbers are in logical order and increase as each address moves farther from the center of the city;
      (6)   All tenants and/or lessees of existing buildings and units or suites within the development have given the applicant written consent to the proposed addressing scheme and satisfactory evidence of such consent is provided with the application; and
      (7)   The proposed addressing scheme provides for each building within a project or development to have only one street number assigned and each unit or suite of a building to have a unit or suite number assigned.
   (D)   If all of the approval criteria set forth in division (C) above, are found to be satisfied, the Superintendent shall further consider the following factors in deciding whether or not to approve an application for an alternative addressing scheme:
      (1)   The extent to which the proposed addressing scheme would benefit the entire complex;
      (2)   Whether or not the proposed addressing scheme would cause confusion to business invitees of the affected complex or any other commercial or industrial building or complex;
      (3)   Whether or not United States mail and/or private package deliveries would be adversely affected; In considering the factors set forth in this paragraph, the Superintendent may require the applicant to obtain and provide proof of consent by the United States Postal Service to the proposed addressing scheme. The time within which the Superintendent's decision must be rendered pursuant to this Section shall be tolled from the time such consent is requested to the time proof thereof is received by the Superintendent;
      (4)   Whether or not the proposed addressing scheme would adversely affect the delivery of emergency police, fire or medical services;
      (5)   Whether or not the proposed addressing scheme would be inconsistent with any condition of any subdivision map approval;
      (6)   Whether or not the proposed addressing scheme would violate any local, state or federal rule or regulation; and
      (7)   Reasons provided by the applicant as to why such exemption should be granted, including whether or not any particular harm or damage may be caused to the applicant if not granted.
   (E)   The Superintendent shall render a written decision with findings within 21 calendar days after a request deemed complete is filed. The Superintendent's decision shall be final. Once denied, a new application involving the same parcel(s) may not be filed in less than 12 months from the date of such denial.
(Ord. 1018, passed 1-5-99)