§ 12.12.020  BOND.
   A.   Before any person shall be entitled to apply for and obtain, or have issued to him or her, a permit for any of the purposes set forth in the preceding section it shall be the duty of such person to deposit with the City Engineer cash or a bond in amounts to be fixed by the Council, and payable to the city with good and sufficient sureties.
('61 Code, § 20.25)
   B.   The bond required by paragraph A. above shall be conditioned that the principal or the sureties will be bound as follows:
      1.   That such person will in all respects conform to the specifications and requirements of this code and all ordinances of the city, now in effect, or that may hereafter be adopted by the city, regulating or pertaining to the kind, quality, proportions and manner of laying, building, constructing or repairing the streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, crossings or intersections in the city.
      2.   That such person shall place, or cause to be placed, sufficient safeguards about the work being constructed as to warn and protect the traveling public from injury by reason of any excavation, embankment or obstruction that may be placed or left about the work being, or having been constructed, and that such person will indemnify the city, or its employees, or officers against any expense incurred in defense of any damage suit or judgment resulting directly or indirectly from failure to protect such excavation, embankment or obstruction, by reason of failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter.
      3.   That such person after such permit has been granted, had or obtained, as provided in this chapter, will at the order of the Superintendent of Streets, and within ten (10) days after such work so undertaken shall have been completed, fill in any excavation, remove any obstructions and embankments and put such street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, crossing or intersection into passable condition, and immediately thereafter and as soon as possible repair and put such street, alley or public place as nearly as possible in as good a condition as it was before such excavation or construction was commenced; and that if such repair, reconstruction, filling in or removing of such embankment or obstruction is not completed within such time and to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Streets, the Superintendent of Streets may perform such work as may be necessary to comply with the requirements herein specified, and charge the same to the deposit made, or against the bond filed, and if not promptly paid by the principal or sureties, the city shall institute suit to collect.
      4.   That such person will pay or cause to be paid to the city such sum as the Council may prescribe from time to time to, cover the payment to an inspector, in case the city shall deem it advisable to employ an inspector to supervise such work.
      5.   That such bond shall be  in an amount fixed by the City Council, according to the character and value of the work to be performed, and the risk assumed by the city.
('61 Code, § 20.26)  (Ord. 87, passed - - )