A.   The placing, erecting or maintaining of any signs, signboards or devices of a like character, awnings excepted, along, over and upon the public streets, sidewalks and alleys within the city, not in accordance with the provisions of this section, is hereby prohibited, is declared to be a nuisance and the Superintendent of Streets is hereby directed to abate the same.
   B.   The placement of temporary signs within public right-of-way areas shall only be permitted subject to the following standards:
      1.   Application.  An application shall be consistent with the specific provisions adopted by the City Council under separate resolution.
      2.   Number of permits per year.  A maximum of one (1) permit per calendar year shall be granted to any one (1) applicant or associated applicants.
      3.   Display duration.  Signs may be placed for a maximum time period of forty-five (45) days.  Said time period shall be inclusive of set up and removal of signs.
      4.   Location.  Sign display within public right-of-way areas may occur only at the following locations and shall be limited to installation upon city street light poles:
         a.   Brea Boulevard: From the south city limits to Imperial Highway and Lambert Road to State College Blvd./Central Avenue.
         b.   Birch Street: From Brea Boulevard to Valencia Avenue.
         c.   Imperial Highway: From Berry Street to Valencia Avenue.
         d.   Kraemer Boulevard: From Imperial Highway to Lambert Road.
         e.   Lambert Road: From Puente Street to Kraemer Boulevard.
         f.   Puente Street: From Imperial Highway to Central Avenue.
         g.   Rose Drive: From south city limits to Valencia Avenue.
         h.   Valencia Avenue: From south city limits to Birch Street/Rose Drive.
      5.   Number of signs. A maximum of one (1) sign per light pole and three (3) signs per block, total, from any single or combination of applicants are permitted.
      6.   Size and orientation of temporary signs.  Maximum dimensions of signs shall not exceed thirty- six (36) inches in width and ten (10) feet in length and shall be installed in a vertical orientation with a maximum of fifteen (15) feet vertical clearance from adjacent grade.
      7.   Sign materials and design.  Signs shall be constructed of weather-resistant fabric designed to remain durable throughout the display period.  Said fabric shall be of a color and reflectivity to avoid interference with traffic safety and directional controls.  Text and graphics of temporary signs shall be of a design to avoid interference with traffic safety and directional controls.  Final materials and design of signs shall be subject to the review and approval of the Development Services Director.
      8.   Sign brackets.  Applicant shall be responsible for the installation and removal of all brackets.  This requirement may be modified by the Development Services Director on a case-by-case basis.
      9.   Maintenance.  Applicant is required to maintain all signs in an “as approved” condition.  Any necessary repairs to damaged signs shall be immediately remedied by the applicant.  The city shall reserve the right to immediately remove any sign it deems a public health, safety, or welfare violation.
      10.   Final safety determinations.  The Development Services Director shall maintain final determination authority on final proposed design and placement of any sign within the right-of-way to fulfill the city’s goals and policies for vehicular and pedestrian safety.
      11.   Prohibitions. The standards listed above shall specifically serve to prohibit all other forms, locations, and installations of signs within city right-of-way areas (i.e. signs within medians, taped signs, stapled signs, and human/animal “sign dancers”).
(‘61 Code, § 20.6)  (Ord. 42, passed - -; Am. Ord. 1091, passed 3-21-06; Am. Ord. 1135, passed 3-16-10)