A.   Within any park or recreational facility, or upon any trail, it shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the following:
      1.   Throw or cause to be launched rocks, stones or any other object or projectile, with intent to cause serious injury to any person or animal, or damage to property.
      2.   Make any fire or utilize a lit barbecue, except at places designated by a sign, or by the provision of a fire ring or barbeque equipment, for such purpose.  No person starting or maintaining a fire or barbecue shall leave the area where the fire/barbecue is located without first completely extinguishing such fire or barbecue such that no embers exist and no other combustion is occurring.
      3.   Conduct or cause to be conducted any business. For purposes of this subsection, the term BUSINESS shall mean the sale or purchase, or solicitation or offer to sell or purchase, for any form of consideration, any goods, product, thing of value, or service, or the delivery of any goods, product or thing of value, or provision of any service, following the sale thereof, whether such sale occurred on or off city property.  Prohibited BUSINESS includes providing lessons or instruction for any form of compensation, regardless of where payment is made. This subsection shall not apply to any city-operated or permitted (by written permit) activity. 
      4.   Climb upon any wall, fence, shelter, seat, building, structure, tree, shrub, device or other equipment, excepting play equipment posted or otherwise designated by the city for such use.
      5.   Bring, land, or cause to descend or alight any aircraft, balloon, toy plane, parachute or other instrumentality, machine or apparatus for human aviation or flight, without written permission of the Community Services or Maintenance Services Department, or City Manager, excluding any emergency personnel, i.e., helicopter, from this provision.
      6.   Damage, deface, alter, injure, destroy, paint, graffiti, tamper with, or remove any equipment, pathway, building, facility, tree, wood, bush, turf, flower, plant, grass, soil, rock, or any tangible thing or part of any park, trail or recreational facility.
      7.   Frighten, molest, chase, tease, injure, kill or remove any animal. This subsection shall not apply to any city, county, state or federal government employee whose official duty includes control of animals, while such employee is engaged in such duty.
      8.   Place, pile, deposit, leave or cause to be deposited any building material, soil, solid waste, refuse, hazardous material, or any other thing or material, except as permitted by the Maintenance Services Department or the Community Services Department, or in an area or receptacle posted or designated by the Maintenance Services Department for such purpose.
      9.   Swim, bathe, wade in or pollute the waters of any water feature not posted for such use, including but not limited to, any flood control channel, fountain, stream, lake, marsh or fishpond. 
      10.   Operate any remote-controlled vehicle, including model cars, or motorized and self-propelled flying vehicles, including model airplanes, except in areas posted for such use.
      11.   Operate inflatable “bounce houses” and/or generators of any kind. This subsection shall not apply to official city functions.
      12.   Feed or cause to be fed any wild animals, including but not limited to, opossums, skunks, raccoons, and  squirrels, ducks, geese, pigeons, or other wild animals or fowl, except where specifically allowed as part of a city-sponsored or permitted event.
      13.   Play or engage in the game of golf, or to hit any golf ball with a golf club, in any area not posted or otherwise specifically designated for such activity.
      14.   To camp or stay overnight without possessing written consent of the Community Services Department.
      15.   Leave garbage, cans, bottles, papers or other refuse other than in trash receptacles.
      16.   Bring garbage or refuse from outside the limits of the park, trail or recreational facility, and deposit the same in garbage cans or receptacles at a city park, trail or recreational facility.
      17.   Change into bathing clothes from street clothes or from street clothes to bathing clothes, except in a locker room, bath house or other structure posted or otherwise designated for such use.
      18.   Assemble, collect, gather together in or upon, or occupy, any walk, passageway or pathway, or any other place designated or posted for travel of persons, in any manner to prevent or obstruct any person's free passage thereon or use thereof.
      19.   Fire, discharge or carry any dangerous weapon. As used in this subsection, the term DANGEROUS WEAPON includes, but is not limited to, any paintball gun, bow and arrow, slingshot, or any other type of device, other than a firearm, capable of propelling a projectile and causing injury, and not otherwise prohibited from being possessed in a park, recreational facility or on any trail, by any other chapter of this code, or any state or federal law. Violations of any other chapter of this code, or state or federal law, pertaining to the possession or discharge of any firearm or other dangerous weapon, shall be prosecuted under such chapter, or state or federal law.
      20.   Urinate or defecate except in urinals and/or toilets within a restroom open to the public.
      21.   Smoke any cigarette or cigar within twenty-five (25) feet of any playground or tot lot area, or leave or deposit any cigarette or cigar butt outside of a trash receptacle.
   B.   Any person who commits any of the acts set forth in this section shall be subject to punishment as provided in this chapter and/or ejection by a Police Officer.
   C.   Nothing in this section or chapter shall be deemed to authorize any conduct otherwise prohibited by any other provision of this code.
(Ord. 1109, passed 12-4-07)  Penalty, see §§ 1.04.010 and 1.04.030