§ 10.52.010  PURPOSE.
   The City Council of the City of Brea expressly finds that parking of vehicles for food vending purposes poses traffic hazards and special dangers to the safety and welfare of children and other residents in the city.  Furthermore, food vending vehicles often create noise and other disturbances to the peace, quiet, and enjoyment of residents and businesses in neighborhoods where public or private schools are located, during times that operators of such vehicles do business with school children.  It is the purpose and intent of this chapter to establish fair, clear and concise regulations applicable to businesses and persons who engage in the operation of food vending from vehicles in the city.  These regulations are intended to provide for greater public health and safety by preventing traffic-related safety hazards, especially hazards to school children buying food or other products from food vending vehicles.  The regulations are also intended to more fully preserve the peace, safety and welfare of the community by minimizing unreasonable and disruptive noise.  In adopting these regulations, it is the City Council’s intent to allow vending from food vending vehicles, subject to reasonable regulations designed to more fully protect the public health and safety.
(Ord. 1169, passed 10-1-13)