§ 10.40.160  REAPPLICATION.
   If denial, revocation or intent to revoke by the City Council is based upon a denial or revocation of any approval issued by CalTrans or other public agency for the operation of interstate trucks, the decision of the City Council shall be final, no findings shall be required, and the aggrieved applicant/approval holder must appeal to CalTrans or other applicable public agency. Upon submission of evidence that CalTrans or the other public agency has reissued its approval with respect to the route(s) previously denied or revoked, the applicant/approval holder may re-apply for route approval in accordance with the provisions herein. In such cases, the City Council may waive any or all requirements imposed herein and may immediately approve a route which it had formerly approved, subject to any and all conditions imposed by CalTrans and/or the City Council.
('61 Code, § 14B.7)  (Ord. 796, passed  - - )