A.   The City Council may revoke any approval granted hereunder if the terminal located within city, or the approved route, causes traffic safety problems, including but not limited in, inability of interstate trucks to safely negotiate the entire route within existing traffic lanes, interstate trucks creating unsafe driving conditions for other vehicles or pedestrians, or if due to changed conditions the route is deemed to be no longer “adequate,” as the term is used in § 10.40.120.
   B.   The City Council may also revoke any approval issued hereunder should the terminal cease to comply with all applicable city, county, state or federal rules and regulations, or cease to be used as a terminal for a period of ninety (90) consecutive days.
   C.   Should CalTrans or any other public agency approving a terminal route, any portion of which has been approved by city, revoke its approval with respect to any of the approval holder's activities occurring on said terminal route, the approval given hereunder shall be deemed to be revoked automatically as of the effective date of the underlying revocation.
   D.   Unless immediate revocation is deemed warranted by the city's Traffic Engineer based upon an immediate and urgent need to protect the health, safety or welfare of citizens within the city, or due to any subsequently enacted legislation making any of the activities permitted hereunder violative of law, all revocations shall be conducted in accordance with the procedural provisions of the city's zoning ordinance, as the same may be amended from time to time.
('61 Code, § 14B.6) (Ord. 796, passed - - )