§ 10.40.130 FEES.
   A.   Application fee. The application fee to be paid upon filing the application shall be in accordance with a schedule of fees set by City Council resolution.
   B.   Sign fee. If an application is approved, a sign fee shall be required to be paid by applicant prior to applicant utilizing any approval granted hereunder. The sign fee to be paid shall be in an amount estimated by the city to be equal to the cost of acquiring and installing appropriate trailblazer signs marking the approved terminal route. Upon the completion of the sign installation, the actual cost to the city shall be computed by the city and any difference between the estimated cost and the actual cost shall be paid by or refunded to the applicant, as the case may be. COSTS, as used in this paragraph B., shall include, but are not limited to, actual sign costs, plus the labor, overhead and administrative costs incurred by city in acquiring and installing said signs.
('61 Code, § 14B.4) (Ord. 796, passed - - )