A.   Santa Fe Road.
      1.   In accordance with the provisions of Cal. Veh. Code § 21107.5, the City Council finds and declares that Santa Fe Road, from its intersection to the east with Valencia Avenue, to its intersection to the west with North Kraemer Boulevard ('Santa Fe Road' hereinafter), is a privately owned and maintained road, generally held open for use by the public for vehicular traffic, which so connects with public highways that the public cannot determine that Santa Fe Road is not a public highway.  Subject to the provisions of this section, the City Council further declares that Santa Fe Road shall be subject to all provisions of the California Vehicle Code as would otherwise be applicable if Santa Fe Road was a public highway. 
      2.   Any and all provisions of the California Vehicle Code applicable to the establishment and enforcement of speed zones and restrictions shall apply to Santa Fe Road.
      3.   Nothing in this section shall create any duty on the part of the city, or require the city to provide maintenance or other services, with respect to Santa Fe Road, unless otherwise provided by the California Vehicle Code.
      4.   Nothing in this section shall give rise to, create, or impose any liability with respect to the City of Brea.
      5.   Any and all penalties and fines, including their disposition, for violations of the California Vehicle Code occurring on public highways in the City of Brea, as set forth in any applicable bail schedule or as are otherwise established by law, shall be applicable to violations of the code occurring on Santa Fe Road.
(Ord. 1165, passed 7-2-13)