§ 10.28.090  BUS ZONES.
   A.   The City Traffic Engineer is hereby authorized to establish bus zones opposite curb space for the loading and unloading of buses or common carriers of passengers and to determine the location thereof subject to the directives and limitations set forth herein. The word BUS, as used in this section, shall mean any motor bus, motor coach, trackless trolley coach, or passenger stage used as a common carrier of passengers.
('61 Code, § 14.78)
   B.   Bus zones shall normally be established on the far side of an intersection.
('61 Code, § 14.79)
   C.   No bus zone shall be established opposite and to the right of a safety zone.
('61 Code, § 14.80)
   D.   No bus zone shall exceed eighty (80) feet in length, except that when satisfactory evidence has been presented to the City Traffic Engineer showing the necessity therefor, the City Traffic Engineer may extend bus zones not to exceed a total length of one hundred twenty-five (125) feet.
('61 Code, § 14.81)
   E.   The City Traffic Engineer shall paint a red line stencil with white letters “NO STANDING,” together with the words “BUS ZONE” upon the top or side of all curbs and places specified as a bus zone. No person shall stop, stand or park any vehicle except a bus in a bus zone.
('61 Code, § 14.82)
(Ord. 223, passed  - - )
Statutory reference:
   For state law as to authority of city to license and regulate bus stands, see Cal. Veh. Code, § 21112
   For state law as to the colors to be used in indicating bus zones, see Cal. Veh. Code, § 21458