The public parks, public streets and alleys, public parking lots, public rights-of-way, parkways, public sidewalks, recreational areas, and other publicly owned or controlled property within the city should be readily accessible and available to residents, businesses, and the public at large for their intended purposes. The use of these public areas for the storage of personal property or camping interferes with the rights of others to use and enjoy these public areas as they are intended. Such activity can constitute a public health and safety hazard which adversely impacts public offices, facilities, and services, as well as neighborhoods and commercial areas. The purposes of this chapter are to maintain these public areas within the city in a clean, sanitary, safe, and accessible condition; to adequately protect the health, safety, environment, and general welfare of the community; and to ensure that these public areas are used for their intended purposes and remain accessible to all citizens, businesses, and visitors in the city. Nothing in this chapter is intended to interfere with otherwise lawful and ordinary uses of public property.
(Ord. 1185, passed 10-4-16; Am. Ord. 1217, passed 10-6-20)