A.   Maintenance.  Each alarm subscriber shall maintain each alarm system in good working order, and provide the necessary service to prevent malfunctions.
   B.   Inspections.  The Alarm Officer may, prior to placing an alarm on non-response status and/or as a condition of re-issuance of an alarm permit, require an alarm subscriber to have a nuisance alarm system under the subscriber's control inspected at the subscriber's expense, by the company providing the alarm subscriber's alarm services, or other person qualified to inspect and service such equipment.  Inspections shall be complete enough to detect any likely malfunctions and shall include testing of the equipment.  Particular attention shall be paid to the conditions that have the potential of causing falsealarms.  The person making the inspection shall provide a written report to the alarm subscriber and the Alarm Officer, detailing measures taken to eliminate the likelihood of further false alarms caused by the alarm system.  The report shall be kept on the premises for two (2) years, and shall be subject to inspection by the Alarm Officer upon request.
(Ord. 1068, passed 5-18-04; Am. Ord. 1072, passed 7-20-04)