§ 8.36.020  DEFINITIONS.
   For purposes of this chapter, the following terms are defined:
   AMBULANCE.  A motor vehicle, helicopter, or similar vehicle, specifically constructed, modified, equipped, or arranged and operated for the purpose of transporting patients requiring immediate or ongoing medical services, excluding the transportation of such persons to or from locations not providing medical care.
   AMBULANCE SERVICE.  The activity, business or service, for hire, profit, or otherwise, of transporting one (1) or more persons by ambulance; provided, however, ambulance service shall not include the transportation by ambulance by an employee of his or her own employees in an ambulance owned and operated by the employer solely for this purpose.
   AMBULANCE SERVICE OPERATOR.  Any person who operates or owns an ambulance service.
   CITY.  The city of Brea, county of Orange, state of California.
   CITY COUNCIL.  The Brea City Council.
   CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT.  The Brea Fire Department.
   COUNTY.  The county of Orange, state of California.
   DEPARTMENT.  The Emergency Medical Services Agency of the county of Orange or the Health Care Agency of the county of Orange, or as otherwise designated by the Board of Supervisors.
   EMERGENCY.  A sudden, unforeseen injury, illness or other medical event giving rise to a need for immediate ambulance service with basic or advanced life support services.
   EMERGENCY RESPONSE AREA.  A geographical area in the city specified by the Fire Chief, within which emergency ambulance services may be provided pursuant to an agreement entered pursuant to this chapter.
   FIRE CHIEF.  The Director of Fire Services for the City of Brea.
   HEALTH OFFICER.  The Orange County Health Officer or other official designated by the Board of Supervisors of Orange County to perform the Health Officer's functions with respect to the regulation of ambulances.
   LICENSEE.  An ambulance service operator which has been granted a license by the county of Orange to provide ambulance service.
   PARAMEDIC.  The same as defined in the Cal. Health & Safety Code.
   PATIENT.  A wounded, injured, sick, invalid, or otherwise incapacitated person.
   PERSON.  Any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, association, or other group or combination acting as a unit.
   PHYSICIAN.  A medical doctor or osteopath holding a valid license or certificate to practice as such issued by the state of California.
   PUBLIC SAFETY AGENCY.  Any public law enforcement or fire protection agency.
('61 Code, § 1A.2)  (Ord. 933, passed  - - )