A.   The City Council finds and determines that storage, accumulation, collection and disposal of refuse, trash, rubbish, solid waste, debris and other discarded material, as well as recyclable material, is a matter of great public concern, in that improper control of such matters creates a public nuisance, which may lead to air pollution, fire hazards, illegal dumping, vector breeding and infestation and other problems affecting the health, welfare and safety of the residents of the city and adjacent communities. The City Council further declares that regulations provided in this chapter designed to eliminate or alleviate such problems.
   B.   Further, the legislature of the state of California has enacted the California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (Cal. Pub. Res. Code Division 30, §§ 40000 et seq.) (the “Act” hereinafter) which evidences the substantial public health, safety and welfare needs of the citizens of the state with regard to the appropriate utilization of the resources of the state and directs the cities thereof to embark upon aggressive solutions to the generation of solid waste and the disposal thereof. The Act declares that the responsibility for solid waste management is a shared responsibility of both the state and local governments and establishes goals and objectives for the management of solid waste, including substantial penalties for failure by local government to effectively manage the solid waste generated within the community by means of source reduction and recovery programs, including recycling activities. Pursuant to the Act, this city has adopted its Source Recovery and Recycling Element and this chapter is intended to assist in the implementation thereof.
(Ord. 990, passed 7-23-96)