A.   The City Council hereby specifically finds that graffiti on public or private property is a blighting factor which not only depreciates the value of property which has been the target of such vandalism but also depreciates the value of the adjacent and surrounding properties so as to create a negative impact upon the entire city. Graffiti also has been found to be a means of identification utilized by gangs and its presence may encourage further gang related activities.
   B.   Cal. Gov't Code § 53069.3 authorizes the city, under certain circumstances, to provide for the removal of graffiti and other inscribed materials from private as well as public property. The Council finds and determines that graffiti is obnoxious and a public nuisance and unless the city causes it to be removed from public and private property, it tends to remain. Other properties then become the target of graffiti with the result that entire neighborhoods are affected and become less desirable places in which to be.
   C.   It is the purpose and intent of the City Council, through the adoption of this chapter, to provide additional enforcement tools to protect public and private property from acts of vandalism and defacement, including the application of graffiti on privately and publicly owned walls and structures. Such acts are inimical to and destructive of the rights and values of private property owners as well as the total community. It is the further intent of the City Council, through the adoption of this chapter, to provide to all of those who disregard the property rights of others, that the law enforcement agencies of the city, the Police Department and the District Attorney's Office, will strictly enforce the law and vigorously prosecute those persons engaging in the defacement of public and private properties.
('61 Code, § 6.1)  (Ord. 939, passed  - - )