A.   The permittee shall maintain the premises in accordance with the terms and provisions of this section and this code.
      1.   Loud noise, and the like.  The permittee shall not cause or create or permit any loud music, noise or other sounds by means of phono-graph, radio, or other broadcasting apparatus or devise, the sound output of which exceeds at peak volume seventy-five (75) decibels measured twenty (20) feet from the loud speaker or horn, or seventy (70) decibels measured seventy-five (75) feet from the loud speaker or horn and shall not permit fighting, quarreling, loitering, or loud noise or other nuisance whereby the quiet and peace of the premises or of the neighborhood is disturbed.
      2.   Refuse disposal.  The permittee shall, at least once in every forty-eight (48) hours, dispose of waste materials or refuse deposited or accumulating on the premises of the permittee. The permittee shall provide and maintain on such premises a sufficient number of adequate waste receptacles, not less than two (2) in number, for the use of consumers and the permittee. Waste or refuse as used herein includes paper cups, paper plates, straws, napkins, food, beverage, drink, frozen dessert, garbage, and all other waste material intended for disposal and which, if not placed in a proper receptacle therefor, tends to create a public nuisance by rendering such property unclean, unsafe, and unsightly.
      3.   Traffic controls.  Each permittee shall place and maintain at suitable locations on the premises, as approved by the City Engineer, appropriate traffic control devices and signs and markings directing traffic entering and leaving the premises and shall designate and mark parking spaces for the parking of vehicles of patrons on the premises.
   B.    PERMITTEE, as used in this section, shall mean and include the following, all of whom shall be responsible for all of the duties and obligations imposed upon the permittee by this section, to wit:  applicant, permittee, owner, manager, proprietor, or any other person in charge of any such premises.
('61 Code, § 12A.3)  (Ord. 432, passed  - - )