§ 5.240.170  APPLICABILITY.
   A.   Except as otherwise provided in this section, each towing service company providing official towing services to the City of Brea as of the effective date of this chapter shall:
      1.   Be deemed to be an official police tow service having a franchise for a term specified by the Chief of Police not exceeding four (4) years;
      2.   Maintain its ranking on the priority list as it existed upon that effective date; and
      3.   Be subject to all requirements of the chapter enacted hereby, including the payment of franchise fees.
   B.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, no towing service company currently providing official towing services shall be granted a franchise as provided in this section unless such company has submitted a franchise application that has been approved by the Chief of Police prior to this chapter becoming effective, or within such other time as he or she may specify. 
(Ord. 1070, passed 6-1-04)