A.   A fee paid to the city is hereby established for the support of public, educational, and governmental access facilities and activities within the city. Unless a higher percentage is authorized by applicable state or federal law, this fee shall be one percent (1%) of a grantee's gross revenues, as that term is defined in the grantee's franchise agreement, or in applicable provisions of state or federal law. This fee is also applicable to a state video franchise holder operating within the city, which shall pay to the city one percent (1%) of its gross revenue, as defined in Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 5860.
   B.   The City Council hereby reauthorizes and readopts the fee on state- franchised video service providers to support public, educational, and governmental channel facilities codified in this section, which shall remain unchanged and in full effect as to all state-franchised video service providers.
(Ord. 1099, passed 4-17-07; Am. Ord. 1192, passed 2-21-17; Am. Ord. 1193, passed 3-7-17; Am. Ord. 1199, passed 11-21-17)