Any organization which desires to conduct a bingo game pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall make application therefor with the Finance Director of the city, which application shall contain sufficient information for the Director or his or her designee to determine that such game will be con- ducted in accordance with the terms and provisions of this chapter and will otherwise comply with the ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the city. Such application shall include at least the following items of information:
   A.   The name of the applicant organization and a statement that the applicant organization is an eligible organization under § 5.204.020 of this code;
   B.   The name and signature of at least two (2) officers, including the presiding officer, of the applicant organization;
   C.   The particular property within the city, including the street number, owned or leased by the applicant organization on which property bingo games are proposed to be conducted, together with the occupancy capacity of the property;
   D.   The proposed day during a given calendar week during which the applicant desires to conduct bingo games;
   E.   A statement that the applicant organization agrees to conduct bingo games in strict accordance with the provisions of Cal. Penal Code, §§ 326.5 and 326.3 if remote caller bingo is to be conducted, and with all provisions of this chapter, and other ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the city;
   F.   Each application from an organization to conduct bingo shall be submitted with evidence satisfactory to the city's Administrative Services Director establishing that the applicant organization is an organization authorized to conduct bingo pursuant to § 5.204.020 of this chapter;
   G.   Each application shall include a filing fee in the amount of fifty dollars ($50) to, in part, reimburse the city for its costs incurred in reviewing and investigating facts set forth in the application and issuing a license for the conduct of bingo games.  One-half of the fee shall be refunded if the application is denied.  The applicant shall pay an additional monthly fee, or annual fee if preferred by the applicant, in such amount as established by resolution of the City Council, to reimburse, in part, the city's cost in providing law enforcements and related public safety services necessary to ensure the safe and lawful conduct of bingo games by the applicant.
   H.   Each application shall be signed by the representatives of the applicant under penalty of perjury;
   I.   Any change in any item of information required to be included in the application during the duration of any license issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be reported forthwith to the Finance Director.
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