§ 5.204.010  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BINGO.  A game of chance in which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers or symbols that are marked or covered by the player on a tangible card in the player's possession and that conform to numbers or symbols, selected at random and announced by a live caller.  Notwithstanding Cal. Penal Code § 330(c), as used in this section, the game of bingo includes tangible cards having numbers or symbols that are concealed and pre-printed in a manner providing for distribution of prizes.  The winning cards shall not be known prior to the game by any person participating in the playing or operation of the bingo game.  All pre-printed cards shall bear the legend, 'for sale or use only in a bingo game authorized under California law and pursuant to local ordinance.'  Only a covered or marked tangible card possessed by a player and presented to an attendant may be used to claim a prize.
   BINGO GAME.  Any one (1) game occurring as a portion of all bingo activities during a given day during which bingo is permitted to be conducted by a licensed organization pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
   REMOTE CALLER BINGO GAME.  A game of bingo, as defined in this chapter, in which the numbers or symbols on randomly drawn plastic balls are announced by a natural person present at the site at which the live game is conducted, and the organization conducting the bingo game uses audio and video technology to link any of its in-state facilities for the purpose of transmitting the remote calling of a live bingo game from a single location to multiple locations owned, leased, or rented by that organization, or as conducted by multiple organizations in accordance with Cal. Penal Code § 326.3(o).  The audio or video technology used to link the facilities may include cable, internet, satellite, broadband, telephone technology, or any other means of electronic transmission that ensures the secure, accurate, and simultaneous transmission of the announcement of numbers or symbols in the game from the location at which the game is called by a natural person to the remote location or locations at which players may participate in the game.  The drawing of each ball bearing a number or symbol by the natural person calling the game shall be visible to all players as the ball is drawn, including through a simultaneous live video feed at remote locations at which players may participate in the game.
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