A.   Required.  No person shall operate or cause to be operated any sound truck in the city primarily for commercial advertising purposes with sound-amplifying equipment in operation unless a license has been obtained from the city.
('61 Code, § 3.38)
   B.   Application.  Persons applying for the license required under paragraph A. above shall file with the city an application in writing giving in such application the information required in the registration statement under § 5.200.020.B.
('61 Code, § 3.39)
   C.   Fee.  The fee for a license shall be twenty-five ($25) per day per vehicle.
('61 Code, § 3.40)
   D.   Issuance.  The city shall issue a license under paragraph A. above upon payment of the required license fee unless the application required in paragraph B. above reveals that the applicant would violate the regulations prescribed in § 5.200.020.D. or the provisions of some other ordinance of the city.
('61 Code, § 3.41)
   E.   Carrying by licensee; exhibition upon request.  A licensee shall keep such license in his or her possession in the sound truck during the time the sound truck's sound-amplifying equipment is in operation.  The license shall be promptly displayed and shown to any police officer of the city upon request.
('61 Code, § 3.42)
(Ord. 369, passed  - - )