§ 2.24.040  DUTIES.
   The duties of the Commission shall be:
   A.   The Commission shall act to identify the cultural, recreational, leisure time and other people-oriented needs and aspirations of the community and shall be responsible for analyzing alternative methods of fulfilling the needs and aspirations and to present alternate solutions or recommendations for action.
   B.   To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council, City Manager and Director of Community Services in all matters pertaining to public recreation and people-related activities and to cooperate with all governmental agencies and civic groups in the advancement of sound recreational planning and programming.
   C.   To recommend joint recreational programming and to render assistance regarding the terms of contractual agreements on financial aid and recreational facilities.
   D.   To interpret the community park, recreational and leisure time programs to public officials and to the general citizenship in order to promote understanding and financial support from public and private sources.
   E.   To recommend the establishment of general policies with respect to the Community Services Department.
   F.   To assist in the acquisition, development, beautification and maintenance of recreation and park facilities in the city as part of a sound master plan in keeping with community needs and future growth.
   G.   To advise in the preparation of the annual budget and the long-range recreation and parks capital improvement budget.
('61 Code, § 2.26)  (Ord. 437, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 497, passed  - - )