§ 2.20.040  DUTIES.
   The duties of the Commission shall be:
   A.   To identify the cultural needs and interest of the community and shall be responsible for analyzing methods of fulfilling these needs and interests and to present alternative recommendations for action;
   B.   To promote cultural acts activities within the community and recommend the establishment of policies for the development and implementation of the cultural arts;
   C.   To recommend methods to broaden the opportunities for citizen participation in the cultural arts;
   D.   To act as a sounding board for individuals and organizations who have an interest in the cultural arts and to implement professional evaluation and screening of potential activities to be conducted at the civic/cultural center;
   E.   To advise in the preparation of the annual budget;
   F.   Fund raising.
('61 Code, § 26.5)  (Ord. 679, passed  - -  )