A.   Ad hoc committee interviews.  The City Council shall designate two members to serve on an ad hoc committee for applicant interviews.  Within ten (10) working days, the City Clerk shall obtain dates and times at which the ad hoc committee may be available to interview the qualifying applicants. The City Clerk shall inform, in writing, the qualifying applicants of the dates and times the ad hoc committee is available for interviews, and further, shall schedule such appointments, as the qualifying applicants may request at times consistent with the ad hoc committee's availability. Any Council Member shall not be required to disclose the specific details of any interview conducted but shall be required to confirm to the Council that an interview did or did not occur.
   B.   Nominations/appointment s.  Each Council Member shall nominate for appointment one (1) qualifying applicant, and such nominee shall be appointed upon an affirmative vote by not less than three (3) Council Members, one (1) of which may be the vote of the nominating Council Member. An applicant's nomination which fails to receive at least three (3) affirmative votes shall be deemed denied, and such applicant shall not be further considered for membership on the commission. However, such candidate may be considered, subject to the same vote requirements and limitation, for other appointive commissions of the city. In the event any Council Member does not nominate a qualified applicant, or such Council Member's nominee is not appointed, within thirty (30) days following the vacancy of such Commissioner's seat, the City Council as a whole may, by majority vote of the Council, make such appointment.
(‘61 Code, § 2.54)  (Ord. 930, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 1205, passed 10-16-18; Am. Ord. 1219, passed 12-15-20)