A.   Posting and publishing of vacancies.  The City Clerk shall annually post and publish notice of present and pending vacancies, including those arising from the expiration of a term, on the various commissions in a manner consistent with the provisions of Cal. Gov't Code § 54972 et seq., as amended.
   B.   Application. The applicant shall be required to obtain, complete and return to the City Clerk a written application for consideration of appointment to the commission. The City Clerk shall utilize an application form which has been approved by the City Council. The applications shall be filed not less than forty-five (45) days before the date of the scheduled vacancy; unscheduled vacancies shall be processed pursuant to Cal. Gov't Code § 54974.
   C.   Minimum content of application form.  The application form shall, at minimum, request that the applicant provide the following information:
      1.   Full name.
      2.   Address of residence.
      3.   Telephone number (daytime).
      4.   Commission to which appointment is sought.
      5.   Qualifications or experience believed to be relevant to commission membership.
(‘61 Code, § 2.53)  (Ord. 930, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 1205, passed 10-16-18)