§ 2.08.050  APPOINTMENTS.
   A.   Appointments to vacant positions in the classified service shall be made in accordance with the personnel rules. Appointments and promotions shall be based on merit and fitness to be ascertained so far as practicable by competitive examination. Promotion lists may be supplemented through later examinations which may differ as to written content and oral board members, if any. Examinations shall be used and conducted to aid in the selection of qualified employees and shall consist of selection techniques which will test fairly the qualifications of candidates. Written tests, personal interviews, performance tests, physical agility tests, evaluation of daily work performance, work samples or any combinations of these or other tests may be used. Physical and medical tests may be given as part of any examination.
   B.   In any examination the Personnel Officer may include, in addition to competitive tests, a qualifying test or tests, and set minimum standards therefor.
   C.   Appointments shall be made by the City Manager, except that the department director shall be the appointing authority for subordinates within his or her department; provided, that the City Manager shall be notified in writing by the department director of any intended appointment at least two (2) business days prior to the appointment being made, and the City Manager may conclusively disapprove to the department director either orally or in writing any intended appointment prior to the appointment being made.
   D.   When appointment is to be made to a vacancy in the classified services, any eligible applicants on the appropriate certified employment list may be appointed.
   E.   In the absence of appropriate eligibility lists, a temporary appointment may be made, not to exceed six (6) months, of a person meeting the minimum training and experience qualifications for the position. A temporary employee may be removed at any time without the right of appeal or hearing. During the period of suspension of an employee or pending final action on proceedings to review suspension, demotion or discharge of an employee, such vacancy may be filled subject to the provisions of this chapter and the personnel rules.
(Ord. 462, passed  - - ; Am. Ord. 627, passed  - - )