The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all offices, positions and employments in the service of the city, except:
   A.   The City Manager, any Assistant City Manager or executive assistants to the foregoing, and any executive management person reporting directly to the City Manager;
   B.   Elective officers;
   C.   Members of appointive boards, commissions and committees;
   D.   Crossing guards;
   E.   City Clerk and City Treasurer, at such time as the respective positions may become appointive;
   F.   Persons engaged under contract to supply expert, professional, technical or other services;
   G.   Volunteer personnel, such as volunteer firefighter;
   H.   City Attorney;
   I.   Emergency employees who are hired to meet the immediate requirements of an emergency condition, such as extraordinary fire, flood or earthquake which threatens life or property; and
   J.   Employees, other than those listed elsewhere in this section, who are employed less than one thousand forty (1,040) hours in any one (1) fiscal year.
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