As allowed by Cal. Gov’t Code § 36516b, Brea electors may set the salary (excluding benefits and reimbursements) for Brea City Council members. Council salary shall be no more than stated in Cal. Gov’t Code § 36516a. Salary and benefits changes shall go into effect immediately upon each new council term. Actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official City duties may be reimbursed per Cal. Gov’t Code § 36514.5. Council service is a part time position and council may avail themselves to the same benefits normally made available to regular part time city employees such as medical insurance, life insurance and city contributions to their pension plans. Council members are however prohibited from receiving any other personal paid benefits including, but not limited to gym and club memberships. Upon completion of council service, no further city payments including pension contributions shall be made on their behalf. Any expense reimbursement shall require a) full compliance with Cal. Gov’t Code § 36516; b) establishment of a resolution adopted by City Council for such reimbursement; and c) submission of a request for reimbursement in accord with the approved resolution.
(Initiative Measure T, passed 11-6-12)