1.00.010   Brea City Code adopted
   1.00.020   Designation and contents — Citations to the Code
   1.00.030   Existing law continued
   1.00.040   Effect on past actions and rights previously accrued
   1.00.050   Definitions and rules of construction
   1.00.060   Effect of repeal of ordinances
   1.00.070   Catchlines of sections
   1.00.080   City jail
   1.00.090   City seal
   1.00.095   Use of the city seal, emblems and logos
   1.00.100   Datum plane
   1.00.110   Bench mark
   1.00.120   Designated code enforcement officers are vested with powers of arrest
Statutory reference:
   For constitutional provisions of state relative to cities generally, see Cal. Const., Art. XI, §§ 1 et seq.
   For state laws as to power of city to codify ordinances, see Cal. Gov't Code, §§ 50022.1 to 50022.10