Before the city may acquire an interest in real property by donation, the Board of Public Works and Safety (hereinafter referred to as "Board") shall do the following:
   (A)   Determine that there is a definite public use and/or purpose for the real estate to be acquired. The donation of that real estate must be refused and denied by the Board if no public use or purpose can be designated and identified;
   (B)   The Board shall have the real estate appraised by at least 3 disinterested, qualified and licensed real estate appraisers who shall each submit to the Board a written appraisal of the same;
   (C)   The Board shall have the real estate inspected for possible underground mine shafts, soil erosion or any other obstacles to the desired public use or purpose of the land, inspections to be conducted by qualified persons or experts in real estate inspections;
   (D)   The Board shall do or have performed a complete title search so as to determine whether the city will receive good and marketable title to the real estate to be donated. The donation must be refused and denied by the Board if clear and marketable title cannot be shown by the benefactor;
   (E)   If acquisition of the real estate is deemed to be in the best interests of the city, the Board shall adopt a resolution to acquire ownership interest in that real estate by donation and specify therein the public use or purpose for acquiring the real estate, the appraised values thereof, the legal description and common address of the real estate, that the real estate is fit for the designated public use or purpose, and that the benefactor has clear and marketable title to convey to the city;
   (F)   If a resolution is adopted by the Board, that resolution must be submitted to the Common Council for final acceptance and approval before the real estate can be acquired; and
   (G)   Once the Common Council has approved the resolution, the Board may proceed to accept conveyance of the property at a public meeting thereof.
(Ord. 5-1993, passed 2-23-1993)