(A)   All requests or petitions for real and/or personal property tax abatements in the county shall first be reviewed and considered by the County Redevelopment Commission.
   (B)   The Redevelopment Commission shall review all abatement requests and make a recommendation to the Council as to whether the abatement request should be granted. The Council, however, shall not be bound by the Redevelopment Commission's recommendation.
   (C)   The Redevelopment Commission shall establish procedures for considering and reviewing abatements and shall create general guidelines for the public concerning abatements.
   (D)   The Redevelopment Commission shall also assist those seeking an abatement by preparing all documentation necessary to consider and grant an abatement including, but not limited to, SB-1 forms, petitions requesting abatements, designating and confirming resolutions, target area resolutions, required public notices and “clawback” agreements. The Redevelopment Commission shall further assist those seeking an abatement by arranging for the publication of required notices related to the abatement.
   (E)   In consideration of providing the above–referenced services to those seeking an abatement, the Redevelopment Commission shall charge an abatement application filing fee of $750 for a single abatement (either real or personal) and a fee of $900 for a dual abatement (both real and personal) to defray its legal expenses in retaining counsel to prepare the necessary documentation in consultation with the applicant. This fee shall include all publication costs.
   (F)   The filing fee shall only be required of applicants who actually file a request for abatement. No fee shall be charged to a person or entity that merely inquires about abatements or obtains information about abatements from the Redevelopment Commission.
(Ord. 11-2006, passed 3-28-2006)