32.01   Five-member Common Council
   32.02   Four Councilmanic Districts
   32.03   Voting for Council members
   32.04   Statutory duties of the Council
   32.05   Clerk of the Council
   32.06   Regular and special meetings of the Council
   32.07   Mayor’s duties as Presiding Officer of the Council
   32.08   Order of business at meetings
   32.09   Contempt and disorder in the Council Room
   32.10   Introduction and adoption of ordinances and resolutions
   32.11   Questions of order
   32.12   Appeal from decision of Presiding Officer
   32.13   Suspension of rules
   32.14   Parliamentary rules
   32.15   Compensation of the Common Council
Miscellaneous Powers of the Common Council
   32.30   Annexation requirements; resolution addressing a fiscal plan and annexation ordinance of the Council
   32.31   Appropriations
   32.32   Budgets of the city
   32.33   Claim procedures
   32.34   Compensation to be set by Council for officers and employees
   32.35   Home rule authority
   32.36   Interlocal agreements
   32.37   Ordinance required of the Council to vacate public property
   32.38   Procedures for tax abatements
   32.39   Council’s declaration of downtown development areas
Acquisition of Real Estate by Means Other than Eminent Domain
   32.50   Purpose of regulations
   32.51   Acquisition of property by donation
   32.52   Acquisition of property by purchase
   32.53   Purchase of property without a declared public purpose or use
   32.54   Eminent domain supersedes