(A)   There is created a new fund as a part of Brazil Police Department's General Fund which shall be designated as the "Traffic Safety Fund."
   (B)   The purpose of the fund is to allow the Police Department to receive monetary donations from the community and individuals, deposit contributions into the Traffic Safety Fund and disburse monies therefrom to establish, initiate and promote traffic safety and bicycle safety programs for the citizens and youth of Brazil and Clay County, to purchase child safety devices, such as child safety seats, bicycle helmets and the like.
   (C)   The Fund shall be perpetual until terminated pursuant to the terms of this subchapter.
   (D)   This Fund may be terminated by the enactment of an ordinance and any fund balance in that fund shall revert back to the Brazil Police Department General Fund to be used for any purposes lawfully allowed.
(Ord. 6-1997, passed 5-13-1997)