(A)   Credit card issuance.
      (1)   The Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized to make application for business credit cards for use by city officials and employees. All credit card account applications shall be signed by the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer.
      (2)   The city shall obtain business credit cards from only 1 credit card company.
      (3)   Business credit cards so issued shall have a maximum limit of $5,000.
   (B)   Credit card use policies and procedures.
      (1)   When not in use, the credit cards shall be secured in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer.
      (2)   Upon request by a city official or employee, the Clerk-Treasurer shall issue the credit card for use and shall keep a record showing the date of issuance, date of return and purpose of use.
      (3)   Charges shall only be made on the credit card to purchase items or services which are authorized and budgeted in the budget of city.
      (4)   Within 72 hours of the purchase, the person using the credit card shall provide a copy of the credit card receipt and shall inform the Clerk-Treasurer in writing of the following:
         (a)   The purpose of the purchase;
         (b)   The line item from which the purchase is to be paid; and
         (c)   An itemized list of all charges incurred and whether those are paid from different budget line items.
      (5)   All credit card billing statements shall be sent by the issuer to the Clerk-Treasurer and the charges on the cards shall be paid by the Clerk-Treasurer from the appropriate budget line item pursuant to the claims procedures of the city.
      (6)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall pay the charge cards promptly so that no interest carrying charges of penalties will be incurred due to late payments. Any employee who causes interest or carrying charges to be added to the credit card account by a failure to timely provide the required information to the Clerk-Treasurer shall be personally liable for the interest or carrying charge.
      (7)   No credit card issued by the city for any elected officer, department head or employee shall be used by any person for a private purchase.
(Ord. 33-2005, passed 10-12-2005)