(A)   City Planning and Building Administrator Office.
      (1)   The Office of the City Planning and Building Administrator shall be headed and administered by the City Planning and Building Administrator who shall be appointed by the Mayor, be subject to removal by the Mayor and shall work under the supervision of the Mayor.
      (2)   The Mayor may appoint  2 persons to head and administer the Office of the City Planning and Building Administrator, 1 being designated as the City Planning Administrator and 1 being designated as the City Building Administrator.
      (3)   As Building Administrator, the person so appointed shall be responsible for enforcement of the provisions of Title XV and shall have the authority to enter on private property in any reasonable exercise of his or her duties to enforce that title.
      (4)   As Planning Administrator, the person appointed shall perform those duties as prescribed, in the Zoning Code, Title XV and those duties as prescribed in Chapter 157 providing for improvement location permits.
(1982 Code, § 30.03(P))
   (B)   Bonds and compensation.
      (1)   The Administrator provided for in this section shall be paid compensation in a sum set by the Common Council.
      (2)   The city shall provide and furnish the proper forms and supplies necessary for the Administrator to perform the required duties.
      (3)   The Administrator so appointed shall post an officials bond in the amount of $1,000, the premium of which shall be paid by the city.
(1982 Code, § 30.03(P))  (Ord. 14-1982, passed 8-30-1982; Am. Ord. 23-1982, passed 11-22-1982; Am. Ord. 34-1983, passed 10-24-1983)