Boundaries and Organization
   30.001   Establishing corporate boundaries
   30.002   Purpose
   30.003   Organization
Specific Executive Departments and Related Boards
   30.015   Department of Aviation and its Board of Commissioners
   30.016   Board of Public Works and Safety
   30.017   Legal Department
   30.018   City Plan Commission
   30.019   Board of Zoning Appeals
   30.020   City Tree Board
   30.021   Redevelopment Commission and Department
   30.022   Economic Development Commission
   30.023   Park entities
   30.024   Housing authority
   30.025   Police and fire entities and policies
   30.026   City planning and building entities
City Clerk-Treasurer
   30.040   Election and term of office
   30.041   Powers and duties
   30.042   Duties as Fiscal Officer
   30.043   Compensation
   30.044   Deputies and employees
   30.045   Office space
   30.046   Right to legal counsel
Purchasing Policies
   30.060   Purpose
   30.061   Purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States
   30.062   Protection of offers and status of documents as public records
   30.063   Discussions with offerors responding to a request for proposals
   30.064   Delay of opening of offers
   30.065   Evidence of financial responsibility
   30.066   Use of requests for proposals for purchase of designated types of supplies
   30.067   Modification and termination of contracts
   30.068   Purchase of services
   30.069   Creation of City Purchasing Agency
   30.070   Board of Public Works and Safety designated Purchasing Agency
   30.071   Purchasing Agency powers and duties
   30.085   Harassment policy
   30.086   Application and use of credit cards by officers and employees
   30.087   Acceptance of credit cards for payment of fees and the like
Fiscal Branch and Procedures; City Funds
   30.100   City Clerk-Treasurer as Fiscal Officer
   30.101   Compensation for services to city utilities by Clerk-Treasurer
   30.102   Board of Finance
   30.103   Budget, tax levies and tax rates
   30.104   Ordinance required to borrow money; revenue from taxes
   30.105   Ordinance required to appropriate additional funds
   30.106   Resolution required to transfer funds
   30.107   Creation of Police Bicycle Patrols Donations Fund
   30.108   Creation of Traffic Safety Fund
   30.109   Local Road and Street Fund (LRS)
   30.110   Motor Vehicle Highway Fund (MVH)
   30.111   City funds and account numbers
   30.112   Authorization to accept ACH payments at the authorization of the requesting utility customer in the conduct of monetary transactions
City Government Charts
   30.125   Organization chart of the Executive Branch
   30.126   Fiscal Branch organizational chart