(a)   Every watercraft operated on the waters of the Village shall be numbered pursuant to the Ohio State Numbering System, or an approved numbering system of another state, provided such watercraft has not operated in the Village in excess of ninety days, or in accordance with Federal law, except:
(1)   Vessels documented by the U.S. Coast Guard or its successor.
(2)   Foreign vessels using Village waters temporarily.
(3)   Watercraft owned by the United States or by a state or political subdivision thereof.
(4)   Ship's lifeboats.
(5)   A boat belonging to a class exempted from numbering by the State Division of Watercraft.
   (b)   Each watercraft shall be required to have its own identification number, and the number is not transferable to any other watercraft.  The letters and numerals must be in block characters and at least three inches in height.  They shall be of a color or substance that contrasts with the background color of the boat and shall provide clear legibility.  The numbers and letters shall read from left to right as they appear on the certificate of award, and the letter group shall be separated from the numerals by hyphens or by equivalent spaces.
   (c)   The number shall be displayed on the bow of each side of the watercraft or as close to it as practicable, depending on the design of the watercraft.  The original certificate of number award must be available on board the watercraft for inspection at all times when the boat is in use.  In addition, the Ohio tags indicating the license year of the number award shall be securely affixed by the owner of such watercraft, prior to operation, to the port and starboard sides six inches toward the stern from the identification number.
   (d)   A dealer's number may be transferred from one watercraft to another in the case of bona fide dealers or manufacturers, and when unsold watercraft are used for demonstration purposes in accordance with provisions of dealer or manufacturer permits.
   (e)   The responsibility of having a watercraft numbered rests upon the person or persons who own the watercraft, and does not include the person or persons who rent or lease the watercraft, or one who holds a mortgage on a watercraft.
   (f)   Each certificate of number shall expire on January 1, of each succeeding year.  Application for renewal may be made to any authorized agent of the Division of Watercraft, who shall issue to the applicant a metal or plastic tag with the certificate of number award.
   (g)   The owner of any watercraft already covered by a number in full force and effect which has been awarded to it pursuant to the then operative Federal law of a Federally approved numbering system to another state shall record such number with the Administrator of Watercraft prior to operating the watercraft on the waters of the Municipality in excess of ninety days.
   (h)   Whenever the ownership of a watercraft changes, a new application form together with the prescribed fee shall be filed with the State Division of Watercraft, and a new certificate of number shall be assigned in the same manner as provided for in the original assignment number.
   (i)   The owner shall furnish the Police Department notice of the transfer of all or any part of his interest other than the creation of a security interest in watercraft in the State, or of the destruction or abandonment of such watercraft, except in the case of a transfer of a part interest which does not affect the owner's right to operate such watercraft, such transfer shall not terminate the certificate of number.
   (j)   Any holder of a certificate of number residing in the Village shall notify the Police Department and the Administrator of the Ohio Division of Watercraft within fifteen days, if his address no longer conforms to the address appearing on the certificate and shall, as part of such notification, furnish the Administrator and the Police Department with his new address.
   (k)   No person shall use an outboard motor on a watercraft required to be numbered or on a bailed or rented boat, in any waters of the Village without first obtaining a detachable outboard motor license from the Administrator of Watercraft or an authorized agent.  The metal or plastic license tag bearing the date of the license year for which issued shall be securely attached to the outboard motor for which issued, prior to its operation on any waters of the City.
(Ord. 2632.  Passed 9-18-91.)