(1)   Assembly plants.
   (2)   Auto service station.
   (3)   Automotive, tractor, trailer, farm implement assembly or manufacture.
   (4)   Automobiles, trucks, boat sales.
   (5)   Bleaching, cleaning and dyeing plant.
   (6)   Boiler shops, machine shops, structural steel fabricating shops, metal working shops.
   (7)   Bottling works.
   (8)   Builders’ supply store.
   (9)   Building and trades, including contractor’s yard and utilities storage yard.
   (10)   Carpet cleaning, dry cleaning and dyeing, laundry.
   (11)   Cold storage plant.
   (12)   Commercial greenhouse.
   (13)   Dairy products manufacture.
   (14)   Fabrication, processing, packaging and/or manufacture of food products and condiments excluding fish products, slaughterhouses and rendering and refining of fats, oils, fish, vinegar, yeast and sauerkraut.
   (15)   Fabrication, processing, packaging and/or manufacture of cosmetics, drugs, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and toiletries.
   (16)   Fabrication, processing, packaging and/or manufacture of articles and merchandise from the following previously prepared materials: bone, canvas, cellophane, cloth, cork, feathers, felt, fibre, horn, leather, paint, paper, plastics, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, textiles, tobacco, wax, wood and yarn.
   (17)   Fabrication, processing, packaging and/or manufacture of musical instruments, toys, novelties, rubber or metal stamps.
   (18)   Fabrication, processing, packaging and/or manufacture of ice, cold storage plant, bottling plant.
   (19)   Farm implements and contractor equipment sales and service.
   (20)   Flour or grain mill.
   (21)   Foundry casting light weight non-ferrous metals, or electric foundry, not causing noxious fumes or odors.
   (22)   Fuel or coal company.
   (23)   Furniture reupholstering and repair.
   (24)   Glass products, pottery, figurines or manufacture of similar products using previously pulverized clay.
   (25)   Industrial research laboratories.
   (26)   Inflammable liquids, underground storage only.
   (27)   Lumber yards including incidental millwork, coal, brick, stone.
   (28)   Monument sales includes incidental mechanical operations.
   (29)   Motor freight depot or trucking terminal; provided, the truck entrances and exits are on to streets whose pavement width is at least thirty feet between curbs.
   (30)   Painting, varnishing shops.
   (31)   Plumbing supply and contracting shops including storage yards.
   (32)   Public garages, motor vehicles and bicycle repair shops, auto paint and body shops.
   (33)   Publishing and printing.
   (34)   Railroad freight stations, but not including switching, storage, freight yards, sidings, or maintenance or fueling facilities.
   (35)   Repair, rental and servicing for appliances and equipment.
   (36)   Sign contractor.
   (37)   Storage yard for building supplies and equipment, contractors equipment, food, fabrics, hardware and similar goods when located entirely within a building, provided, such buildings shall not be used for wrecking or dismantling of motor vehicles.
   (38)   Television and radio broadcasting towers.
   (39)   Theatre (Drive-in).
   (40)   Tin and sheet metal shop.
   (41)   Tool and die shop, wrought iron shop, blacksmith or machine shop, excluding punch presses over twenty tons rated capacity, drop hammers, and screw machines.
   (42)   Trailer rental and sales.
   (43)   Truck terminal.
   (44)   Used car lot.
   (45)   Veterinary clinic or kennels, animal hospital, provided that all animals are housed in buildings or enclosures which are at least 100 feet from any “R” District.
   (46)   Warehouses.
   (47)   Wholesale distributors.
   (48)   Uses similar to the above uses and any other manufacturing or industrial enterprise, operation or process whether making, assembling, repairing, buffing, finishing, plating, polishing, tempering, packing, shipping or storing; provided, that any resulting cinders, dust, flashing, fumes, gas, noise, odor, refuse matter, smoke, vapor or vibration is no greater or more detrimental to the neighborhood than the specified uses, that no extra fire hazard is created, and the proposed use as determined by the Board of Appeals is similar in character to one of the specific uses in this section. 
(Ord. 0-9-71.  Passed 12-23-71.)