TITLE ONE - Zoning Regulations
Chap.  1101 .  Title; Intent and Purpose.
Chap.  1105.  Construction of Language and Definitions.
Chap.  1109.  Zoning Districts and Map.
Chap.  1113.  R1A, R1B, One Family Residential Districts.
Chap.  1117.  R-2 Multi-Family Residential District.
Chap.  1121.  B-1 Neighborhood Business District.
Chap.  1125.  B-2 General Business District.
Chap.  1129.  I Industrial District.
Chap.  1133.  A-1 Agricultural District.
Chap.  1137.  General Provisions.
Chap.  1141.  Enforcement and Penalties.
Chap.  1145.  Board of Appeals.
Chap.  1149.  Amendment.
Chap.  1153.  Performance Bond for New Construction.